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bath pperty is website jisko "RingToneLy" ke naam se duniya jaanti hai is par aapke naam ki ringtone download karne ke liye de ja rahi hai. bath pperty humko 9 aapke naam ki mp3 ringtones mil payi hai, You can listen & download anyone of them you want its a free service for you. :) bath pperty after downloading any desired ringtone of your name you can set it as a callurtune of your mobile. Its a free online faclity that anyone can use for personal / entertainment purpose however commercial use is prohabited.

bath pperty Your darling wife is calling you.mp3
bath pperty your cutie pie is on the call.mp3
bath pperty Your father is on the call.mp3
bath pperty Your phone is ringing.mp3
bath pperty Your boss is calling you.mp3
bath pperty Your customer is calling you.mp3
bath pperty Your client is calling you.mp3
bath pperty Your cousion is calling you.mp3
bath pperty Your mother is on the call.mp3


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If caller tune of your name is not available on our website then you can request mobile tone of your name from us. For that first visit our fb fan page and like our page and then send message to our fb page with your name. When you number will come in the queue we will send your ringtone via reply.
Depending on the model of mobile phone can play such as melodies or sounds are simple one-voice trills, polyphonic melodies, or any sound recording as a file. There are three basic types of ringtones: Monophonic ringtones — the phone plays a sequence of notes, no more than one note at a time. Polyphonic ringtones - the phone plays a few notes at the same time, one of the formats of polyphonic ringtones - MIDI. Realtones - music recorded in a digital file, such as MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg, etc.


The site presents phone melodies in mp3 format (RingToneLy). We dont host copyrighted ringtones in our website so dont send us DMCA notice because we create content ourself. All ringtones can be downloaded for free and without registration. To listen to and download, you must have the Adobe Flash Player plug-in / HTML 5 Support in your web browser.